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42) The Committee drew critical attention to the tenuousness of the link that Ruddock had looked for and discovered: between the activities of PIJ and Australia generally, and, more specifically, whether those activities could be said to constitute a threat to Australian interests.
The tenuousness of Arenas' initial classification of the mythical framework of One Hundred Years becomes more apparent in Ricardo Gullon's examination of the character of Melquiades: "Las figuras del mito, miticas han de ser: Melquiades ante todo.
Their local environment does have some advantages, however, including giving locals an acute awareness of the tenuousness of a long-distance food system.
The title of this exhibition, Intersecting Disciplines, suggests the tenuousness that exists within the discipline of ceramics today; the materiality of the clay weighs heavily on all of us practitioners, but overt in this show is the multitudinous combinations of process and thinking that characterizes ceramics today.
A major virtue of Yang and An's discussion of "Chinese mythology," that is, turns out to lie in pointing again to the category's tenuousness.
Given the tenuousness of the economic recovery, beauty shoppers remain conservative, according to SymponyIRI Group Inc.
She can stress from this close reading of death scenes the tenuousness of Geoffrey's generic balance between a muted romance and cold, implacable history.
So even the most advanced and self-confident liberals might do well to reflect on the tenuousness of their position.
The success of any web-based venture defies prediction, especially given the tenuousness of sustainable business models.
This is an appropriate thing to say on the final page of the book, for it in fact echoes so much of the tenuousness that comes before it.
One thing is awareness of the tenuousness of its existence.
Marlowe's two Tamburlaine plays illustrate the uncertainty and tenuousness about where Caesarean power now resided.