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Learn how and why Keltech's tepid water solution became the primary source of first aid.
The movie industry is counting on the controversial film ``The Da Vinci Code,'' arriving in theaters today amid international furor and mostly tepid reviews, to kick the summer box office season into high gear.
What did surprise me was the tepid reaction of supposedly pro-gay Episcopal bishops, who with few exceptions responded to the vicious antigay bullying with either total silence or tame demurrals.
A little bit more risk-taking on everybody's part could have added considerable spice to this rather tepid and predictable fare.
With cable and satellite companies leasing similar products for little or no upfront costs, the HD models of the Series3 will see tepid sales.
Keep a battery-operated fan, a bowl of tepid water and a sponge by your bedside so that you can cool yourself down quickly and easily.
said its quarterly income rose 16 percent, but the results fell shy of Wall Street expectations and the software company offered a tepid outlook Thursday for the current quarter.
But believe me, the writing would have been much more tepid.
While economic conditions apparently remain robust across the region, led by China, there are tentative signs of a looming downturn with air freight trends (traditionally a lead indicator of the strength of underlying economic conditions) recently showing only tepid growth.
Nothing like an international incident to heat things up during an otherwise tepid debut of the World Baseball Classic.
Dry air can be a menace, so try to mist houseplants frequently with tepid water.
However, Medicaid expenditures, a reliance on the sales tax, and a tepid economy has posed credit pressures.