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As we look about us at so many Catholic groups and associations one is often moved with pity for the waste of energy on useless discussion, hesitation, circumlocution, and tergiversation.
Their sole grief is that it remains deaf to their warnings, because delay multiplies the obstacles which impede the progress of souls, but the hour will most surely come when there will be no further chance for tergiversation, for if the laws of evolution may be checked for a while, they cannot be ultimately destroyed.
Taheri added: "After a long moment of tergiversation in which the Algerian leaders did not know quite how to deal with the threat, they stumbled on a strategy almost by instinct.
Upon investigation, I found out that Sterlin had been recommended for a Military Cross, but through regimental tergiversation, the recommendation had been left dragging on someone's desk too long, being overtaken by Sterlin's death on 18 December on the outskirts of Ortona itself.
Some of the political and religious tergiversation that appeared in the Lowell elegy reappears in the elegy to Francis Ledgwidge, which in some ways is a rewriting of Lowell's "For the Union Dead.
La tergiversation qui a marque l'affaire la Samir et l'insouciance totale de son actionnaire principal, le groupe Corral Holding, par rapport a la survie de la seule raffinerie du pays ont fini par eclater au grand jour.
At some point, I decided that it would be more fun to say "P as in polychromatophilic, T as in tergiversation.
Des tentatives de tergiversation, je pense que dans le discours Morsi annoncera le limogeage du gouvernement et du Procureur general", a-t-il martele.
Even if the currently authoritative version is best, the variation reveals that possession remains very much in question in these verses, as evidenced by Byron's own tergiversation between "his" and "my" (Corsair, 190).
I saw exactly how it happened and why the tergiversation was inevitable-but it was after dinner and I let it go'.
Rich at least attempts to account for the conflict between these rival explanations of his behavior by saying that he used to think President Bush was lying but now thinks he is delusional--a rationalization that would carry more weight if it didn't suggest either a plainly implausible switch from the one to the other at some earlier point in his presidency or a tergiversation on the writer's part as to which explanation would be the more discreditable.
The Queen hath irrevocably decreed it; the Council do passionately urge it; and I am tied to my own reputation to use no tergiversation.