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We focused on three levels of data analysis--sessions, queries, and terms.
The term limits lobby began scoring victories at the polls in 1990, when voters in three states approved ballot initiatives capping the terms of their local, state, and/or federal officials.
Even if you believe it is intrinsically good to shuffle the decks in the legislatures every couple of years, term limits have been, at most, a partial success.
In briefest outline, the plan is (1) to educate people about the risk and cost of long term care while they are still young enough, healthy enough, and prosperous enough to plan, save and insure, (2) to notify people simultaneously of the "LTC Contract" by which every American must acknowledge individual responsibility for his or her future long-term care expenses, (3) to extend to people who fail to insure against this risk a line of credit fully collateralized by their estates which enables them to purchase LTC services in the private marketplace, and (4) to recover the cost of care funded by such lines of credit from the estates of people who failed to plan early, prepare diligently and insure fully.
Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit declared California's term limits initiative unconstitutional.
In Washington state, a referendum on term limits was defeated last November.
has used the term "employee" without defining it, we
Sufficient evidence now exists,' he said, "to initiate the process of establishing a new source term for regulatory purposes.