term of imprisonment

See: captivity
References in classic literature ?
That is much more likely, for he would have known what their term of imprisonment was.
As it was, he suffered a long term of imprisonment and afterwards returned to England a morose and disappointed man.
Incredible as it may appear to the moralists, I had sustained no external hallmark by my term of imprisonment, and I am vain enough to believe that the evil which I did had not a separate existence in my face.
The term of imprisonment may extend to three years if the offence results in partial blindness and seven years if the offence results in complete blindness.
Lady Justice Rafferty, sitting with Mr Justice Supperstone and Sir Richard Henriques, said: "The appropriate term of imprisonment was, in our view, two years.
I cannot reveal the details because the sentence is not final, but it includes a term of imprisonment and a fine", Gholamhossein Mohseni-Ejeie, the second-ranking member of Iran's judiciary, was quoted by state media as saying.
In March last year he was given a 30-month term of imprisonment suspended for two years for possession with intent to supply a class B drug.
Shaun Anton Lloyd was 18 when he was handed a term of imprisonment for public protection - which is almost identical to a life sentence - at Cardiff Crown Court in January 2006, after admitting two robberies.
District Judge Quentin Purdy told Smith, of Salford, his act "has to be met by a term of imprisonment, but it could be suspended".
Anyone who ignores the signs commits an offence and is liable on conviction to a term of imprisonment of up to two years or a fine of e1/41,708, or both, an announcement said.
Kevin Liverpool, 35, was told by a judge at Exeter Crown Court that he would have to serve a minimum term of imprisonment of ten years and eight months before he could be considered for parole.
Earlier, Sanjarbek Bakiev's term of imprisonment was reduced due to the law about amnesty with the reference to 20 years of Kyrgyzstan independence.