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The Association of Manufacturers of Terminal Equipment in Telecommunications and many consumer organizations welcome the new telecommunications law for terminal devices in Germany.
Personalized ventilation systems with only one air terminal device present the highest number of studies; nevertheless, recently, more than one air terminal device placed in the desk has been introduced.
The DTMF signal is a sound of certain frequency which is characteristic for every number on the keypad of the mobile terminal device and is generated by pressing the key of a certain number.
Wong, MIC senior analyst, says restructuring of the IT service business model is very likely due to continued global attention to cloud computing, rising attention on private-enterprise cloud computing, intensive construction of cloud services by IT hardware makers, and increasingly popular and diversifying cloud services for terminal devices.
To sign up over 25 million registered users of its 3G services by the end of the year, the company plans to launch over 80 models of 3G terminal devices in the country this year, with its independently developed smartphone, fertile Phone, or known as Wal-Phone, regarded as the ace in the hole.
Two projects are focused on upper limb amputees: the Voluntary Opening and Voluntary Closing Terminal Device (VOVC) Project and the Partial-hand Control Project.
Alternatively, checks may be passed through a merchant-based terminal device that reads numbers on the checks.
The service is accessed via a portable magazine-sized terminal device that can be set-up in minutes, even by non-technical users.
With Cerner's Healthcare Network Architecture, we will be able to provide pertinent information to our healthcare providers, from any terminal device, from any location.
Jong Tae Ihm, Vice President SK Telecom, Terminal Device and Access Network R&D Center.
Use of these three pieces Bloomberg terminal device without a service ticket for the duration of the contract on the basis of this Order on the Customer occurs.
Checks are passed through a merchant-based terminal device that reads numbers on the checks into an electronic cash register.

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