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The grantor maintains the right to terminate this provision, at which point the trust would no longer be defective.
As a result of BMCA's offer, ElkCorp sent notice to Carlyle of ElkCorp's intention to terminate the Carlyle agreement.
In light of MDM's non-delivery of the Performance Security, the Company has given 14 days notice to MDM that the Company has the right under the LSTK, but not the obligation, at the expiry of the notice period, to terminate the LSTK.
2004-85 addressed the issue of when a QSub election terminates in a merger.
King's plan terminates on the earlier of September 30, 2005 or when all of the shares subject to the plan are sold.
If the QSub election subsequently terminates (whether by choice or by a change in either the parent's or the subsidiary's eligibility for S or QSub status), Sec.
Several situations arose this year that addressed when an S election terminates.
In the event BRE fails to terminate the agreement on or before January 31, 2002 pursuant to the termination right mentioned above, unless BRE elects for the deposit to become non-refundable, ILM II will be permitted to enter into a back-up agreement with a third party for the sale of the facilities, which third party agreement will become effective in the event BRE terminates the agreement.

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