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In Russia's Finno-Ugric republics there are terminological committees, nevertheless their activity is somewhat accidental and language development often depends on the enthusiasm of one or another expert.
The lexical core of a scientific discourse is a chain of interconnected units, its elements being a word, morphosyntactically conditioned phrase, reproductive phrase, ultimate syntactic unit and a terminological unit.
17) join terminological inaccuracies: the German congregation of Amsterdam (p.
The terminological refinement, however, only highlights the problem anew.
In this updated version of the text, chapter one has been re-written to overcome terminological confusion.
One welcomes the Damascus Road conversion by Labour, but to say Conservative plans would lead to building in Grimescar is a terminological inexactitude.
com)-- The translation of media content, literature and marketing requires talents and skills that are almost opposite to those required for technical, legal, medical, or scientific translations, in which conceptual exactness and terminological precision are key.
This perspective enables to refresh the relevance of their predecessors' terminological work and evaluate the impact of terms used in the first half of the 20th century on the development of contemporary terms.
It would be enough to notice here that, while for the entire period the fundamental element of the construction of a dialogue between the state and the church has been the rapport between the state and the cults, in recent years, the terminological clarifying of the terms "cults", "religious freedom and religious autonomy" has become more significant.
I submit that analysis paralysis is likewise an instance of terminological inexactitude, making it difficult to distinguish between the various conditions that fall under the umbrella of this label.
In any case, however, this latter issue is a trivial, terminological matter, not something that requires disputation, and we may easily distinguish it from the important, substantive question of whether a state should exist.