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Presenters will discuss the need for efficient strategies to address data normalization of clinical terminologies coming from inbound and outbound sources, and attendees will learn the value of enterprise code group management and how to align a broader enterprise terminology management strategy with data analytics and PHM efforts.
The terminology management feature lets those involved with translation projects access up-to-date, validated corporate terminology for use in translations.
After analyzing clinical documentation workflows, one option for easing the transition to SNOMED is the use of terminology conversion tools that can help providers accurately record in SNOMED and ICD-10, while still maintaining the unique data points of each code set.
Mastering Medical Terminology Australia & New Zealand takes a modular approach to medical terminology, starting with the basics of word structure and the specifics of how medical terms are devised.
Rotterdam, the Netherlands) provides a survey of English legal terminology prevalent in core legal subjects, covering the terminology of the legal system, civil procedure, European Union law, tort, contract law, and company law.
For allied health students needing to acquire an understanding of medical terminology in a short time, Leonard provides a guide to learning terminology that begins with the basics of the language, then addresses terms in each body system.
NEHTA's National Clinical Terminology and Information Service (NCTIS) was tasked by Australia's governments to create, maintain, and represent in a standardised form terminology content for health care domains (predominantly clinical) so that the resulting data can be unambiguously and meaningfully described and used to support ongoing, efficient and accurate information exchange across the health sector.
However, the consistent use of a standardized nursing terminology is still minimal in both the clinical and nursing academic settings.
Commercial Terminology Software Available on SourceForge
The first practice of spring doesn't mean much, but one thing UCLA football coach Karl Dorrell liked was the lack of problems the offense experienced with the terminology.
These eight new books cover key information on tough subjects that include algebra, American history, biology, chemistry, English, geometry, medical terminology and Spanish.
Includes a complete alphabetical index with double entries for compound terminology.