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Girls had been coming to me, saying why can't it be made to be coming on termly, that three times a year.
1970, from a termly median of around 2,300 words in 1970 to 4,700 words
We choose titles and along with suggestions on their use, send packs termly for schools on subscription.
Both the 'literacy hour' and 'numeracy hour' were supported by a framework for teaching, which sets out termly objectives for the 5-11 age range and provides a practical structure of time and class management.
attract top chefs to lead termly classes and by suppliers looking to
FRED MET LILY Medley Flirt Termed Filly Metred Filly Meted Frilly Flied Termly Flied Myrtle Field Termly Field Myrtle Filed Termly Filed Myrtle Firmed Telly Deftly Miler Milder Lefty Milted Flyer Dimly Lefter Ed Elf Trimly Ed Flyer Milt Ed Millet Fry Ed Telly Firm Ed Let Firmly Ed Term Filly Ed Met Frilly Feed Mill Try Feed Trill My
Movement: Termly Magazine of the Student Christian Movement.
The termly meetings with the council are designed to give governors the opportunity to hear from directors on the city's education blueprint and grill and get feedback from cabinet member Cllr Turner on often crucial schooling matters.
Allowed withdrawals:90% of premium for first five years100% of bid value thereafterMust be at least AED 2,750 (USD 750, GBP 500, EUR 750 or HKD 7,500)Can be taken monthly, quarterly, termly, half-yearly or annually* Summit has an annual bonus paid as additional units into the plan on the third anniversary and on every anniversary after that.
He delivered the termly lecture in science and religion on "Human Genetics and the Image of God," in the Faraday Institute, University of Cambridge, November 2006.
For the average case, this would entail termly school visits and telephone or email support as frequently as required.
The traditional real estate appraisal model using the three approaches to value and the format prescribed for a narrative appraisal report has been so termly implanted in the minds of both appraisers and consumers that it has been easily formatted for word processor and printed forms for repetitive application to all types of property.