terms imposed

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Ipso facto we should bear this in mind now, particularly with reference to the terms imposed on Greece, even though we are almost 100 years on and Germany itself is now calling the European "tune".
One of the terms imposed by the Commission offers additional protections to rate-payers from prospective future liabilities that could come from the fly ash impoundment.
The US author, 59, criticised the terms imposed on those who download images of children being abused.
What this means is that many tens of thousands of Cypriot consumers have been without legal protection against unfair terms imposed on them by banks and other financial institutions for the past seven years.
Madine was forced to miss Monday's defeat at Peterborough because terms imposed following his early release from jail in February require him to be at home from 7pm.
Anastasiades, hardly two weeks in office after winning last year's presidential elections, was faced with "take it or leave" terms imposed by the Eurogroup, as part of a deal that saw a further 10 bln euros in aid to prop up the Cyprus economy and introduce harsh austerity and widespread reforms.
NNA - Future parliamentary bloc upped calls Tuesday upon the President of the Republic and the Prime Minister-designate to speed up the formation of the long-awaited government, without considering what it termed as "unconstitutional" terms imposed by rivals.
At the appeal court, Lord Justice Leveson, Mr Justice Mitting and Mr Justice Sweeney, ruled that the terms imposed on Khan, Shahjahan, Hussain and Mohibur Rahman were too tough.
The decision not to refer the jail terms imposed on Gary Dobson and David Norris was made by Dominic Grieve, the country's top law officer.
Lord Chief Justice Lord Judge, sitting with the President of the Queen's Bench Division Sir John Thomas and Lord Justice Leveson, also dismissed five other appeals in burglary cases, but allowed three challenges relating to terms imposed for handling offences.
He was already serving four life terms imposed in 2002 for the attempted murder in 1994 of his former girlfriend, Delia Balmer.
Sweeney is already serving four life terms imposed in 2002 for the attempted murder in 1994 of Miss Balmer and having four guns when he was arrested.