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De meme, les services de la direction regionale des domaines de l'Etat et des affaires foncieres de Tunis ont recupere recemment un terrain domanial de 1600 m2 mais de valeur, exploite d'une maniere illegale en tant que jardin d'enfants.
Numerous researchers, planners, and practitioners have attempted to define cyber key terrain in cyberspace as the military has increasingly integrated cyberspace into its operations over the last three decades.
They have a bespoke capstan winch system and are capable of towing equipment on difficult terrain, even up steep gradients.
On parle de nouveaux tapis plus praticables qui vont remplacer le gazon normal dans ces terrains, avec un synthetique comme ceux des stades Saniet R'Mel a Tetouan, Abou Bakr Ammar de Sale.
Accounting for these in a terrain model would make it much more compact and expressive, but little such work has been done with a notable exception of [14].
1 features the ability to overlay terrain and obstacles simultaneously on the moving map page.
ForeFlight notes that not all terrain data is created equally, and it's the terrain data sourcing that makes the difference.
The Human Terrain System concept intends for Human Terrain to be included with civil considerations.
Bringing over 100 years of engineering and capability in a smaller and more fuel-efficient package, the 2011 GMC Terrain crossover is a segment leader.
New York -- GMC's all-new 2010 Terrain makes its world debut at the 2009 New York International Auto Show.
Abu Khader Automotive (AKA) launched GMC's first ever compact SUV, the brand new Terrain last week at a special GMC lounge and display at Cozmo.