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A solution for homes unable to receive DTT terrestrially, requiring no dish change for the 1.
When the Independent Television Commission granted the broadcaster its licence, it was accepted that the channel would not be able to be broadcast terrestrially to 100pc of the UK because the UK's frequency spectrum does not have sufficient space available.
Launched in 2002, Teletrax provides clients with video watermarking services that enable them to precisely track and monitor where, when and how their content is being aired via cable, satellite and terrestrially.
The signal is then re-transmitted terrestrially from the UHF transmitters directly to mobile phones.
Eutelsat are used by StarTimes to transmit terrestrially for its local distribution, and has activities in Kenya, Burundi, Nigeria, Tanzania, Central African Rep.
The '720 patent protects hybrid satellite-terrestrial communications systems that reuse terrestrially frequencies also used by the satellite spot beams.
While confident the race can be incorporated within its two-hour programme, Channel 4 Racing supremo Andrew Franklin yesterday confirmed that a delay to the off time of the 36-runner contest could result in it not being broadcast terrestrially.
The bookmakers like Channel 4 because the comparatively huge audiences it attracts bet far more on terrestrially broadcast races than on satellite ones.
is a global marketing and consulting company concentrating on Distant Education, delivered via a combined satellite and terrestrially based network.
The money would come from a variety of sources, including the Levy Board, BHB and racecourses, but the bulk was due to be contributed by bookmakers, who take the view that a terrestrially televised race can produce around three times the betting turnover on an average race.
New Screen Television is an independent film television channel that broadcasts digitally nationwide utilizing the "HD Prime" platform on the SES Americom AMC-10 satellite, and terrestrially in Florida over-the-air utilizing WRCF-TV Channel 29 Orlando.
Terrestrially televised races give a huge amount more than non-terrestrial races to the Levy, which in turn has a beneficial effect on prize-money, veterinary research and other areas of the industry.