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murmured Alice, after a few moments of terrible suspense.
Seeing the world" usually means seeing everything in it that most decent people won't look at; but when you come to look at these terrible things and places, what do you find?
But I understood the sentence perfectly, for it corresponded in a terrible manner with my own dreadful thought.
All this time the grand-vizir was in a terrible state of anxiety.
I asked, for some grave, terrible feeling was coming over me.
Undoubtedly," replied the captain, "if it possesses such dreadful power, it is the most terrible animal that ever was created.
He listened at his master's door, and looked through the keyhole, as if he had a perfect right so to do, and as if he feared that something terrible might happen at any moment.
Yet terrible as was the danger we incurred, the attraction of peeping was for both of us irresist- ible.
Such an event, therefore, will be neither pitiful nor terrible.
Madame de Villefort had no longer any doubt; all was over -- she had consummated the last terrible work she had to accomplish.
Is it a jest that you should spend so much money, such a terrible amount of money, upon me?
But when the people beheld him they set up a wild and angry howl; and their faces had an evil aspect, which was made more terrible by the flickering blaze of the bonfire.