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From the high-turnout election of 1992 through at least 1995, Americans were terrifically engaged in political life.
This is a terrifically fun game that lets you battle on the high seas, cannon-fire and swordplay included.
Ostrega says the frontage bills have "worked out terrifically.
It's obvious that our new hard-hitting live format is working terrifically in the major markets.
The grizzly isn't terrifically affected by logging--if timber sales are planned for a time when the bears aren't there," says the Fish and Wildlife Service's Doug Zimmer, a member of the North Cascades Grizzly Recovery group.
Says Morton's Hastbacka, "Magnesium hydroxides can vary terrifically in how they react with a polymer.
Said Claudia Lewis,"Matthew's stellar reputation in the independent film world, and his experience producing terrifically unique auteur films, make for a perfect fit with Searchlight.
Critique: A terrifically great read by a terrifically talented author with complete storytelling mastery of the western action/adventure genre, "Lawless Guns" by M.
His boss Steve Bruce said: "Maynor has done terrifically well since returning from Wigan.
Tonight's patients range in ages from 89-year-old Alyce to six-year-old Dylan and his terrifically take-charge sister Daisy.
CHASING MAVERICKS (PG) A TERRIFICALLY miscast Gerard Butler stars in yet another "mentor" movie, this one revolving around an ageing surfer dude, Frosty Hesson, who coaches a young lad to glory.
This is a terrifically scary remake of the original Japanese movie, Ju-On.