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At the moment when Roguin ceased speaking, the scene had become so terrifying that the men who were there as witnesses trembled; never, perhaps, had they known so awful a silence.
The younger of the two notaries and one of the witnesses threw themselves before Ginevra; but Piombo knocked them violently down, his face on fire, and his eyes casting flames more terrifying than the glitter of the dagger.
We had, perhaps, three hundred yards to cover between our boulder and the cliffs, and then to search out a suitable shelter for our stand against the terrifying things that were pursuing us.
For a moment he stood statuesque but for his sensitively dilating nostrils; then he wheeled and fled noiselessly from the terrifying presence of man.
This fearsome creature had appeared by night in the huts of the village, killed, and disappeared, leaving behind him in the huts with his dead, strange and terrifying evidences of an uncanny sense of humor.
He halted as he heard the notes of Tantor's call, and raising his head, gave vent to a terrifying scream that sent cold chills through the superstitious blacks and caused the warriors who guarded him to leap back even though their prisoner's arms were securely bound behind him.
Above him towered the gigantic bulk of the pachyderm, the little eyes flashing with the reflected light of the fires--wicked, frightful, terrifying.
Was all this a some sort of terrifying arrangement invented by the police for his especial benefit?
Detective Inspector Graham Grant said: "Fortunately, no one was injured but this was a terrifying experience for the victim.
In 2008 McDowell, originally from Gateshead, was jailed for his role in terrifying armed raid on a bookies.
POP star Lily Allen has told of a terrifying explosion in her caravan in which she suffered minor burns.
A MUM and daughter were confronted by knife-wielding thugs in a terrifying raid at a late-night Merseyside convenience store.