territorial division

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Studies suggesting that the locations of ahu and their associated moai are in some manner related to prehistoric territorial divisions on the island are most relevant to the spatial analysis described in this article.
Development of the Caspian resources is being held up partly by the differences on the question of territorial division.
Address : Territorial division of the State Forestry Parvomai the southwestern state enterprise DP - c.
On the other hand, Musa Xhaferi, Minister of Local Sef-Government explains that the municipalities' demand for territorial division will be reviewed according to law.
The municipality of Tetovo on the other hand says that it has not been that much damaged by the territorial division but it had a greater influence on the rural habitats.
Any type of territorial division planned by Serbians will cause a problem on the Balkans.
Maintenance of vehicles including a major and current repairs, prevention and delivery of spare parts of cars managed by territorial division State Forestry Samokov ~~.
Tenders are invited for Perform service processing and generating digital models of the current forest management plan / GPC / Assignor current data on lands in ZEM format for the needs of the territorial division of 13 / Thirteen / number of territories representing territories of the town.
Living unarmed guards of the administrative building of the territorial division of NII - Dobrich, located in the city.
Contract notice: Delivery of marking wood for the needs of the territorial division "state forestry - tran.

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