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Yang frequently chooses cultural talismans as centerpieces for his films, from baseball in Taipei Story to photography in Terrorizer and Yi Yi.
21) Yet the terrorizer must also feel completely separate from those they terrorize in order to carry out their acts (a distance--and sanctioned ignorance--encapsulated in the term "collateral damage").
Matt: Terrorizer, Repulsion, Carnage, Carcass, and old Napalm Death.
There's a singular form of tension that runs through his oeuvre, from the early explorations of urban anomie (Th at Day, on the Beach [1983], The Terrorizer [1986]) to the epic tragedy of A Brighter Summer Day to his nervy mid-'90s experiments in comedy (A Confucian Confusion [1994], Mahjong [1996]).
is a thug, a "rape artist" and terrorizer for hire, with inclinations more homosexual than heterosexual.
Dark Arts publishes several different magazines, among these the magazine TERRORIZER.
Edward Yang has already started to explore the terrain of urban culture in his Terrorizer (1986), yet his early films, such as That Day, On the Beach (1982), and Taipei Story (1985), are concerned with Taiwan's socio-economic restructuring from an industrialised to a capitalist society.
The critically acclaimed album has been described as crushingly heavy yet darkly atmospheric, with Kerrang giving it 4/5 and Terrorizer 9/10.
Yang responds to a question about Fredric Jameson's article,"Remapping Taipei" The Geopolitical Aesthetic (Bloomington, Indiana University Press 1992), in which the Marxist critic examines Terrorizer as a case study of what he called post-modern filmmaking in the industrialized third world.