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Terser, who also helped organise last year's Liverpool Music Week, said that the Philharmonic were to be praised for bringing the band to the city.
Thubron's style, whether chastened by age or by the bleakness of his subject, has become terser and less lyrical, with the result that there are fewer striking passages here.
Only now they seemed plainer and terser than before, on their low plinthlike supports with their massive "backs" to the walls - and indeed, now the mounds also looked like giant headless shoulders.
Both of these groups of tales elaborate and embellish the much terser biblical and Qur anic accounts of the lives of certain figures: patriarchs, matriarchs, judges, kings and prophets in the Jewish tradition, such as Adam, Noah, Joseph, Moses, David and Solomon, as well as Jesus from the Christian tradition, all of whom, as we have mentioned, are considered prophets in Islamic lore, along with some specifically Arab-Muslim figures, such as Hud, Salih, and Dhu l-Kifl.
We know that authors, especially scientists, may abuse the passive, but one can also use iit skillfully to give situations a terser "realism.
The Cookie Dough Reunion takes place at the The Shipping Forecast with Ste Coogan and Terser playing all night long
COOL Bold Street store Resurrection hosts its grand re-opening next week and the fun kicks off on Thursday with Heebiejeebies DJs Gavin Kendrick, Coley and Terser spinning tunes while you shop.
Even terser, but bearing a wealth of significance, is Sibelius' magnificent Seventh.
Colleagues James and Terser have already arrived, and they are going through the final demo applications, and tell me the Record Fair is now confirmed for the festival.