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TESTE, practice. The teste of a writ is the concluding clause, commencing with the word witness, &c.
     2. The act of congress of May 8, 1792, 1 Story's Laws U. S. 257, directs that all writs and process issuing from the supreme or a circuit court, shall bear teste of the chief justice of the supreme court, or if that office be vacant, of the associate justice next in precedence; and that all writs or process issuing from a district court, shall hear teste of the judge of such court, or, if the said office be vacant, of the clerk thereof. Vide Serg. Const. Law, Index, h.t.; 20 Vin. Ab. 262; Steph. Plead. 25.

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Testa is one of two Columbus players being converted to a pitcher this season.
Testa argues that Camerini's film "foregrounds the dangerous traits of Russians" (11) and that Lattuada reflects Italian anxiety about post-war Italian-Slav violence at the border with Yugoslavia.
Tierney is claiming he owns one-sixth of Testa Rossa and that he raced Testa Rossa in partnership with the Cappellins and received a one-sixth share of the stallion's prize-money of about A$2.
Zenobius, Clemente Mazza (xxiv) attributed the reliquary's commission to the bishop, stating: "costui separo la testa di S.
At the time of his death, Pasolini was preparing to make a film titled Saint Paul, which apparently would have been quite different than his Matthew See Friedrich, Pier Paolo Pasolini, 44-45; also Testa, "To Film a Gospel," 198.
Although designed to be a community, the Garden Spot Village's construction inevitably displaces households and contributes to the disintegration of another community, one which Testa privileges.
Relaxing in a research hut erected on the 2-meter-thick ice, Testa says that seals of the extreme south are easier to study than those closer to his home in Alaska.
The combination of the size and shape of cells that make up the testa, the ornamentation of the radial walls of those cells, and the number of scalariform thickenings in the testa allow for precise identification at the species level.
Most recently, Testa was managing director, real money institutional FX sales North America, at Barclays Capital, covering pension funds, central banks, insurers and asset managers.
With the score tied, 1-1, Testa delivered the winner with 21:38 to play when she broke free from the defense 10 yards out on the right side and ripped a line-drive shot into the Tigers' net.
This facility has been in the making for years and now that it is up and running, my goal is that others in the industry will see the steps Testa Produce has taken towards sustainability as a challenge to do the same," states Peter Testa.
London looks well-placed to become the Western centre of choice for Islamic finance," Gatehouse Bank chief executive David Testa said.