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In these cases, a thorough investigation is carried on what solution concept should be used, and what are the testable implications.
You set up a testable hypothesis and then someone tests that hypothesis.
In order to be trustworthy, the label containing those assertions should be testable in some way through automated means.
The new find also highlights the need for testable theories of why people bothered to create these haunting scenes at all, he adds.
I don't think it's very promising or presents any truly testable hypotheses," contends Simon LeVay of the Institute for Gay and Lesbian Studies in West Hollywood, Calif.
Modern ICs are not testable with conventional ICT 'backdrive' vectors because of access, speed and device complexity issues.
Creating the right equations to describe systems of oscillators and then solving the equations to make testable predictions has proved a difficult, if not impossible, task.
The lab studies yeast to construct testable models to predict how cellular processes are regulated at the transcription level by the proteins that control gene expression.
Given the complexity of the string theory paraphernalia, theorists are still far from making testable predictions.
Requirements Management Module--Provides the framework needed for test groups to capture, organize and document key business requirements and then verify that they are testable.
This model not only produces sandbars of the right size and shape but also makes predictions that are testable in the laboratory or field.
S2C's advanced capabilities are driven by proprietary TAI IP technology, which renders encrypted FPGA-based IP models Testable, Analyzable, and Integratable, and therefore treatable as library components in electronic system level (ESL) environments.