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The word protest comes to English by way of the Latin term protestari, meaning "to call forth" (pro-, forth; testari, to call).
The Testari Scrolls" is a fictional look at the coming of the end times.
She packages her verity in the semi-fictional book "The Testari Scrolls" (published by AuthorHouse -- http://www.
Luckily a group who has spent many a millennia guarding the knowledge, the Testari, not only takes Lindy into their protective force, but also reveals that they have a plan in action to combat the fast-approaching doom of humanity.
Written in the exciting and involved style Dan Brown and Erich von Daniken fans have come to crave, "The Testari Scrolls" intertwines fact with fiction.
The Testari Scrolls show us for the first time that the words in the Bible are not just a few thousand years old.