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One who dies leaving a valid will, or the description of this status.


adjective having left a will, having written a testament, relating to a will, with a valid will, with an exeeuted will
Associated concepts: intestate succession


having made a WILL. See INTESTACY.

TESTATE. One who dies having made a testament; a testator. This word is used in this sense, in the act of the legislature of Pennsylvania, entitled "An act relative to dower and for other purposes." Sect. 2, 5 Sm. Laws, 257.

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2013, 2014), 46 new zoopsammon taxa for the Estonian fauna were registered, including 25 rotifers, 17 testate amoebae, 1 cercozoan, 1 clitellate, 1 tardigrade, and 1 harpacticoid.
Therefore, the Lithuanian testate succession comprises three major elements:
Distribution of testate amoebae along a gradient hummocklawn-hollow in a Sphagnum bog: potential implications for palaeoecological reconstructions.
microbial diversity, microflagellates, naked amoebae, New York fern, soil biology, terrestrial ecology, testate amoebae
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246) Additionally, notaries are entrusted with some functions concurrent with a court, to include conducting testate and intestate proceedings and issuing letters testamentary.
stales 'set-ats' [conditions] stew to potato-pot wets stolid lo, 'cold I' lots (A) strategy "get" arts stress asserts testes 'rock corset' set [lock contents] testate "Set" at, set 'testate set' at "set".
See also Guzman, supra note 58, at 780 ("[a]n interest will adeem by satisfaction, in whole or in part, provided that there is sufficiently expressed intent that an inter vivos gift be charged against a beneficiary's testate share"); Van Foreman McClellan, Note, Inter Vivos Transfers: Will They Stand up against the Surviving Spouse's Elective Share?
It has been variously described as a testate amoeba with a thin and flexible test (Cash & Hopkinson, 1909; de Saedeleer, 1934) and as a naked amoeba with stiffened pellicle (Schaeffer, 1926).
when a married man died intestate, or when he died testate but excluded
Estates include testate succession, valuation of gifts, valuation of estates for tax purposes, and more.
La ricerca della Villa dimostra altresi che il dibattito filosofico e culturale che vede impegnate, sulle piu importanti testate, le maggiori personalita intellettuali dell'epoca non aveva lasciato freddi i crepuscolari i quali, dal canto loro, si rivelano alacri promotori culturali, fomentando numerose, e significative, occasioni di confronto.