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A seminal example of the damage this does to the testifier comes across when Ross agrees to a televised interview, knowing that the show addresses his father's role as a Tokyo war crimes investigator, but not knowing that the show's host, Rebecca Bright, is decidedly interrogatory.
The validation of these narratives not only redresses the silences imposed in the past, but also allows testifiers to reconcile these traumatic pasts.
By contrasting, the amount of sexulity change among hormone treatment with testifier shows that: application of 17B stradiol as a food was effective on sexulity of fish baby.
George, 49, will also help expand KPMG's DAS network with new consulting and litigation offerings, serving as an expert testifier and assisting clients with economic issues related to disputes, investigations, litigation and regulatory scrutiny of their businesses.
Jeff Cohen brings to Analysis Group nearly 20 years' experience as an expert consultant and courtroom testifier.
Professor Hughes is an experienced expert testifier, and has consulted extensively in matters involving allegations of price-fixing and collusion.
He has been appointed as an expert testifier in scheduling and is an experienced testifier in arbitrations and alternative dispute resolution matters, as well as providing expert opinion in numerous facilitated mediation and settlement venues.
Salomon is an experienced testifier -- he has appeared as an expert witness in about 100 cases.
upon the knowledge and reasonable understanding of the testifier as to what is meant by the questioning.
Duplantis is joined by a team of experienced consultants and testifiers, including Drs.
Amid the frenzy, it became apparent the students were likely the only testifiers under age 40.