testify against

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By the slave code, they are adjudged to be as incompetent to testify against a white man, as though they were indeed a part of the brute creation.
Every European vessel brought new cargoes of the sect, eager to testify against the oppression which they hoped to share; and when shipmasters were restrained by heavy fines from affording them passage, they made long and circuitous journeys through the Indian country, and appeared in the province as if conveyed by a supernatural power.
His attorneys, seeking access to the district attorney's files in the case, claimed in court filings Friday in Bowie County that prosecutors threatened and coerced witnesses to testify against Murphy.
This has once again brings to the limelight the unspoken rule of medical professionals not being too forthcoming to testify against colleagues, making it extremely rare for such cases as the Larnaca ruling, to come to court, let alone reach the stage of reward for compensation.
However, his sentence was cut after he agreed to testify against suspected terrorists, following which he was freed in 2010 after five years.
The two Egyptian actors will be going to the Nasr City Family Court on February 18 to testify against one another.
Eight people took time out on election night to testify against the Eugene Water & Electric Board's proposed 2013 rate increases.
In Massachusetts, parents can be forced to testify against their children.
Summary: The wife of Energy Secretary Chris Huhne is prepared to testify against her estranged husband over a controversial speeding incident.
JAILED race-hate cleric Abu Hamza could be freed next year because an al-Qaeda "supergrass" now won't testify against him.
MISS America has refused to testify against the paedophiles she helped to catch in an internet sting.
When a Chinese man is found stabbed to death outside his restaurant, only a young Chinese boy can testify against the prideful and cruel accused perpetrator.