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However, Brandner was allowed to testily about the substance of the documents, as was the independent appraiser she had hired.
Both the ruling political and military leaderships must be in a watertight cohesion to face up to the challenges emerging no lesser testily on our borders.
Senator Mushahid Hussain Syed said that foreign ministry officials were present, hence the meeting should be pushed ahead; over which chairman Haji Adeel testily offered Mushahid the chairing of the meeting while `being duly excused from the proceedings'.
Traditionally, mental health professionals testily at the behest of hiring defense attorneys or on behalf of the prosecution to the effect that the defendant does or does not have mens rea, or criminal intent, per their being sane or insane.
Iain Malcolm, South Tyneside's Labour leader, responded testily to the Lib Dems' intervention, quoting Clement Attlee's superb 1946 putdown to Harold Laski that "a period of silence from you would be welcome".
Drawing comparisons with the Eskom capacity debacle, Professor Dan Ncayiyana, Editor Emeritus of this magazine and chief chaperone of the incipient Limpopo medical campus, asks testily, 'Why do we continue to believe that colonial-era institutions will produce milk and honey until kingdom come?
POLICE OFFICERS ENFORCE laws, respond to calls for assistance, make traffic stops, issue citations, pursue and apprehend suspects, write reports and testily in court.
Speaking to the press following United's 2-0 victory over Wigan Athletic in the FA Community Shield at Wembley, Moyes insisted Rooney wasn't fit and testily rebuked journalists who suggested the former Everton player was unhappy at being asked to train with the reserves this week.
Yes, it is motorbikes going round and round," admitted Lauren testily, "but it's good fun.
Nevertheless he testily told Navalny that "if you wrote a bit less about yourself, everything would be a lot simpler," Kommersant business daily reported on its website.
Look, we are acting in your interest," Number One said rather testily.