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Despite the fact that the parties may benefit from the standard testimonium wording, there are also disadvantages.
He takes a step toward this in the final chapter by providing a helpful outline of the various views or approaches: the classical, establishing the existence of God by means of natural theology and then demonstrating Christianity's validity as the highest version of theism; the evidential, relying on external evidences, particularly the miracles of Jesus and his resurrection; the cumulative case method, assembling all the arguments for the Christian claim; a presuppositional apologetics, a particularly Protestant approach that proceeds from an assumption of the Bible's truth; and a Reformed epistemological approach that relies on the testimonium Sancti Spiritus internurn to enable one to accept Christian belief without the necessity of prior demonstrations.
Mariae de Angelis Archiepiscopo Mediolanensi in devoti animi testimonium.
Et in huius rei testimonium volumus fieri hoc publicum instrumentum, vel volumus has litteras sigilli conventus nostri munimine roborari.
Some artists, argues Steinberg, even went so far as to indicate the testimonium fortitudinis in the depictions of the resurrected Christ.
Rome testimonium perhibent basilica beate Marie Maioris, cultu precipuo et religione semper a se habite, et templum Augustinensium paulo ante obitum a fundamentis instauratum.
These include the so-called Testimonium Flavianum (original, but edited and embellished by a Christian), rabbinic tradition (esp.
Origenes alias saepe, tum etiam in Commentariis super Iesum Naue Libelli Pastoris testimonium citat.