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But Numa of the pit, having scented the spoor of his benefactor, was minded again to pass into the walled city, and with that idea in his cunning brain he crept stealthily along the outer side of the palisade, testing each gateway with a padded foot until at last he discovered one which seemed insecurely fastened.
Norbury to his brother Henry, who had joined him in Milan; and he was now at full liberty to amuse himself by testing in every possible way the extraordinary influence exercised over his relatives by the new hotel.
By way (as I suppose) of farther testing the state of my mind, he renews the invitation to his house in Scotland.
The archers stood in groups about the decks, new-stringing their bows, and testing that they were firm at the nocks.
Had they remained on the solid earth, they would have found it easily enough--ay, they would have found that they themselves were precisely testing truth with every practical act and thought of their lives.
I do not doubt that this process of improvement has affected in a marked and sensible manner the organisation of the more recent and victorious forms of life, in comparison with the ancient and beaten forms; but I can see no way of testing this sort of progress.
I took an early opportunity of testing that statement by stationing my friend Monsieur Hastings in the left wing of the building, just outside Mrs.
He slowly moved his head back and forth under it and turned from side to side, now in the sunshine, now in the shade, feeling the shadow, as it were, testing it by sensation.
John Willet did as he was desired; for on that point he was seldom slow, except in the particulars of giving change, and testing the goodness of any piece of coin that was proffered to him, by the application of his teeth or his tongue, or some other test, or in doubtful cases, by a long series of tests terminating in its rejection.
This report analyzes the worldwide markets for Genetic Testing in US$ Million by the following Product Segments: Prenatal and Newborn Genetic Testing, Pharmacogenomic Testing, and Predictive Testing.
This type of proficiency testing is applied for reference standards, gauges and instruments.
Operational Test Command's task is to conduct realistic operational testing in the areas of equipment, doctrine, force design, and training.