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Mobile tethering is the ability to use a mobile phone as a modem or router to enable an internet connection on another mobile gadget, and has important implications across the mobile ecosystem.
She claimed she had not realised tethering was against the law and often allowed the cat to be released to run around the house at night.
The Playbook can connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi or via tethering with a Blackberry phone by using Blackberry Bridge, which utilizes Bluetooth.
Fibrolipomas of the conus medullaris in adult patients with tight filum and associated cord tethering have been previously reported.
Furthermore, use of tethering may rise in the future with increasing urban and peri-urban production in developing countries of the world and also to lessen damage to communal lands because of over-grazing.
At an earlier hearing 30-year-old Jackson pleaded guilty to two offences - cruelly tethering and failure to provide veterinary attention.
State law isn't really clear on food, water, shelter and tethering, and that's why we decided to be really clear on it,'' she said.
The RSPCA last night launched a new campaign calling for stronger legislation to prevent animals suffering from tethering.
The charity is calling for existing animal welfare legislation to be tightened up to prevent suffering from tethering.
14] Ascension does not occur if it is impeded by intradermal abnormalities because they provide mechanical traction or tethering when the child grows.
Nexaira") (OTCBB: NXWI),announces the immediate availability of iPhone tethering firmware on the Nexaira Business Class II (BCII) 3G/4G Router.
Among its legislative initiatives are improvements to the current dog tethering law and a new law requiring peace officers to take canine encounter training to mitigate the risk of unnecessary dog shootings when carrying out law enforcement efforts.