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Part Two, The Ancient and Medieval Horizons, rigorously examines several historically "aesthetic" traditions--the Platonic (chapter 5), Stoic (chapter 6), Augustinian (chapter 7), and Bonaventurean/late medieval (chapter 8)--for a textually substantiated corroboration of the continuous presence of an understanding of the aesthetic as having a revelatory aspect, evaluating the adequacy of von Balthasar's treatment of each ancient or medieval author along the way.
The sections of the exhibition, spread over the ground and fourth floors, are neither sharply delineated nor textually explained to death, leading on visually and prompting individual thought and discussion, although the introduction in the first gallery wrong foots you into turning right - you'll get a much better grasp of the artistic arguments by turning left inside the doors.
I would be perfectly happy with you to apply a more textually based objective approach.
Chantler has a nice storytelling style, both textually and visually, and an excellent sense of pacing.
Mary's power lies not in the text itself, or her clever lawyerly reasoning, but it is really over the text--this element may have helped to relieve anxiety in an increasingly legalistic and textually focused world.
But the probability is very low, and there are a potentially infinite number of alternative low-probability, textually ungrounded explanations for Homer's death: he "could have" died as well from suicide, justifiable homicide as a consequence of attempting to rape Emily, or from falling and hitting his head.
Search textually for relevant content by keyword, geographic location, author, etc.
Geoscientists, geophysicists and geologists can search via an interactive map, and textually for relevant content by keyword, geographic location, author, etc, viewing the results geographically.
The same court has made a majority decision on the matter over a year ago and held that "courts are not a forum for second-guessing the merits of foreign policy and national security decisions textually committed to the political branches,".
Rating: 4/5 John Gough Ex Cathedra Birmingham Town Hall All of Ex Cathedra's renowned hallmarks of quality were on display for Saturday's Town Hall performance of Bach's mighty Mass in B minor: a lithe, athletic and textually intelligent chorus, soloists emerging from the ranks to acquit themselves generally with distinction, a period-instrument orchestra which relished its opportunities, and Jeffrey Skidmore's customary fluent and enabling conducting.
DM: Those letters stand for: "Restricted, defined, amplified constraints form textually kinetic hypermeters.
In the chapters that follow, every Second Testament book that contains Deuteronomic references is categorically discussed textually, hermeneutically, and theologically.