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The key premise of IE is that our social world, and our everyday activities in it, are controlled and coordinated textually and discursively by the institutional or ruling relations of our society.
The embossed relief stands out both visually and textually, and is accompanied by an engraving of the words INVICTUS by Paco Rabanne.
Fars said it was reprinting the article textually, but it carried that sentence in English as:
I chose Gill's work as the overall winner because it was a nice drawing, very interesting textually with good composition and surface quality," Ken said.
Textually, the Spanish words throughout the text are not italicized as they should be, and one is even misspelled.
This is a well designed book, visually as well as textually, that gives substantial motivation and support for learners.
This system will give the detainees' families a chance to communicate visually and textually with the detainees.
The text is divided into two substantive parts: the first is more theoretical in nature, while the second functions to substantiate the first historically and textually.
This pocket-sized, comprehensive, and user-friendly companion guide textually and visually provides students and professionals in athletic training with a quick overview of the essential elements in athletic training.
The sections of the exhibition, spread over the ground and fourth floors, are neither sharply delineated nor textually explained to death, leading on visually and prompting individual thought and discussion, although the introduction in the first gallery wrong foots you into turning right - you'll get a much better grasp of the artistic arguments by turning left inside the doors.
Chantler has a nice storytelling style, both textually and visually, and an excellent sense of pacing.
But the probability is very low, and there are a potentially infinite number of alternative low-probability, textually ungrounded explanations for Homer's death: he "could have" died as well from suicide, justifiable homicide as a consequence of attempting to rape Emily, or from falling and hitting his head.