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I wasn't thankfully bad Shadab " Wilson was chased out of the shop empty-haned during the failed robbery.
Thankfully, Blues have rediscovered their resilience and in front of a crowd that would not give up, neither did they.
Thankfully Trish is by far the better and stronger person and will over come the incident.
I'm sure if they could have got close enough to their Teutonic rivals, they would have stuck the boot in again, but thankfully for the tournament they spent most of the night chasing shadows.
Thankfully, medicines can reduce the discomfort but when this William IV rosewood gout stool was new, in about 1835, it afforded about the only respite for what then was called "the disease of kings".
Thankfully Eugene O'Sullivan let me ride a couple of his.
Thankfully the client we were working for is far less squeamish than I am and managed the whole drama really well so, thankfully, I still have all my fingers intact.
Thankfully, there are many topical preparations and collars to combat the beasties.
And thankfully he positioned a nice black blob across the middle of the cover, over the small, cheeky chappie.
She's not driving with a baby on her lap this time, thankfully, but instead she's rolled up a little too close to the back of a Ford Explorer in her Mercedes.
Thankfully missing from Borges in 90 Minutes is a psychiatric analysis of his personal life.
Brown said that thankfully they did not require the team's services and they were released from the incident after all victims had been accounted for.