that is

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But on a gross basis, the surplus lines composite maintains underwriting leverage that is slightly higher than that of the industry.
Unlike the fall of a stone or the motion of a planet, my act has a trajectory that is not entirely dictated by the forces acting upon me.
The affirmation of the ratings for ACE Group reflects an organization that is diversified by business segment and geographics, is well capitalized with a stable balance sheet, maintains a capacity to generate significant earnings and is operated by a credible and experienced management team.
Best expects Prudential's operating performance, which has traditionally lagged similarly-rated peers, to continue its positive trend toward a level that is commensurate with its current rating.
Best believes the syndicate has a strong internal risk management and control infrastructure that is likely to provide a clear focus on any emerging performance issues.
In addition, Am-Beo Ltd will demonstrate HP software that is integrated with the rate-rec(TM) solution.
Intel Capital invested in Am-Beo because it has developed technology that is designed to address the critical business challenges in the communications industry of being able to generate revenue from new and emerging network services.
The new business unit will develop a 'toolkit' of intelligence-based software products that can be used to provide rapid and efficient systems integration that is customized for each operator's operations requirements.
AM is witnessing considerable change in the broadband industry; change that is stimulating the need for new broadband management technologies, as well as demand for more complete solutions," said Mr.