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WITHOUT THIS, THAT, pleading. These are technical words used in a traverse, (q.v.) for the purpose of denying a material fact in the preceding pleadings, whether declaration, plea, replication, &c. In Latin it is called absque hoc. (q.v.) Lawes on Pl. in Civ. Act. 119; Com. Dig. Pleader, G 1; Summary of Pleading, 75; 1 Saund. 103, n.; Ld. Raym. 641; 1 Burr. 320; 1 Chit. Pl. 576, note a.

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Even an act of nay-saying provides a structure that was not there before.
The anticipated acquisition of Revios is not negatively impacting the combined group's risk-adjusted capitalisation as the transaction is fully funded through a planned capital increase and subordinated debt that was issued in July 2006.
The negative outlook reflects the exposure related to this arbitration, which was in reference to a particular reinsurance treaty entered into by another reinsurer with an insurance carrier that was eventually seized by the California Department of Insurance.