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Thatch Caye is also home to the best saltwater fly fishing on the planet.
Robin Dower, from Northumberland architects Spence & Dower, who were also involved in the project, said: "Because the barn had surviving heather thatch we could examine how our ancestors did it in terms of putting it together and it has allowed us to understand about the North of England thatching tradition.
Thatch is a layer of fibrous organic material accumulating between the roots and foliage and consisting of decomposing mowings and other debris.
Reed grown in the wet Welsh climate is thicker and less brittle than imported thatch.
One drawback with thatch was the danger of fire and after such terrible conflagrations as the Great Fire of London in 1666 it increasingly fell out of favour.
Cape Reed started work on the project in April 2011 and has completed the design and installation of 7,000 sq m thatched roofing for the hotel, as well as 5,000 sq m thatch tile ceilings, including 100 meters of timber hand rails and 800 sq m of timber decking.
The design of the villas was inspired by the traditional Arabic fishing and pearl diving villages and their barasti lodging, hence the use of traditional thatch roofing, meaning guests can experience five-star luxury with an authentic touch.
Since 1995, there have been approximately 900 thatch fires in the UK - that's an average of one per week.
So when he got the call from America to thatch Salem's homes, his paymaster insisted on the country rite.
A short cab ride from Wilmslow station took us to our destination, the Wizards Thatch in Alderley Edge.
I saw flames shooting out of the top of the thatch and there was smoke everywhere.