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4 The subsequent rise of the thaumaturge implied here is contradicted on p.
As Marc Bloch points out in Les Rois thaumaturges, paganism was often confused at this time, consciously or not, with Islam.
Actes 8,5-25 et l'accusation de magie contre les prophetes thaumaturges dans l'antiquite.
1 Western societies take for granted the historical and conceptual separation between Church and State, a process which was described in Marc Bloch's Les Rois thaumaturges and Kantorowicz's King's Two Bodies.
Just what the Shanhai jing is has been unclear from Han times, when it was regarded as either a manual of the fantastic or a reliable record of outlying lands, to the present century, when it has been described variously as a collection of the comments of ancient explorers, the arcane remarks of Qin-Han thaumaturges, a prototype of local tribute lists, and a forerunner of commonplace books (leishu).