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The only thing that prevents Novalis' thaumaturgic idealism from degenerating into a facile optimism and subsequent baneful delusion is, to repeat, his sense of the complexity of his subject.
Fantastic" in the following sense: among the requirements of thaumaturgic idealism, none is more important than the faculty of free association, and the exercise of that faculty--what Novalis calls Fantastik, a word that he takes to be homologous with Logik: "If only we had a fantastic as well as a logic, the art of invention would have been--invented.
Despite the inroads against idolatry made by Protestant reformers, Kyd's handkerchief--stripped of its prior thaumaturgic power, perhaps, but magic in a new way--celebrates the enduring capacity of theatrical objects to seduce audiences through an apparently limitless series of metonymic substitutions.
According to Shi'i tradition, the Supreme Name has very powerful thaumaturgic properties.
Zenobius' prominence in Florence's pantheon of saints was due to his thaumaturgic powers, his role as the most important of the founding fathers of the Florentine church, and his proven efficacy as defender of the city in times of political and military crisis.
Compliments fly when the thaumaturgic quality meet.
Book 5 also featured many episodes of thaumaturgic healing and efficacious prayer, as Ribadeneyra now emphasized aspects of Loyola's inner spiritual life and his reception of divine gifts.
Faure cautions us that he intends to outline the role of the thaumaturgic elements in the acculturation of Chan "only in a heuristic fashion, in order to reveal the structural logic of those developments rather than their historical occurrence" (p.
He finds that in comparison to earlier periods, the fourteenth century saw a higher percentage of "rescue" miracles relative to the still predominant thaumaturgic (healing) miracles that continued to monopolize hagiography.