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The only thing that prevents Novalis' thaumaturgic idealism from degenerating into a facile optimism and subsequent baneful delusion is, to repeat, his sense of the complexity of his subject.
Thus far, it would appear that the handkerchief is being stripped of its prior thaumaturgic powers and hence (in Diehl's terms) demystified.
An especial, although not universally recognised gift of Kipling's was the capacity to make the supernatural seem natural, and another Edwardian obsession was with stories of a thaumaturgic , ghostly, mysterious or macabre kind.
Is such glowering as thaumaturgic as, say, the imprecation signaled by the title of a Manuel Puig novel, "Cursed be the Reader of These Pages," or as collusive as Abbie Hoffman's "Steal This Book"?
In both stories memory occupies a central position, as the evocation of the past seems to be a vivifying, mysteriously thaumaturgic energy.
As a result, the meaning of saint veneration in general lay not simply in its pious or thaumaturgic Uses, but in the realm of peasant politics as well.
The Aum cult proposed the way to redemption by yoga training, conferring the meetings mainly a thaumaturgic and soteriologic dimension.
According to Shi'i tradition, the Supreme Name has very powerful thaumaturgic properties.
Zenobius' prominence in Florence's pantheon of saints was due to his thaumaturgic powers, his role as the most important of the founding fathers of the Florentine church, and his proven efficacy as defender of the city in times of political and military crisis.
65) While Protestant zealots in the Netherlands, Germany and France often subjected their Catholic hostages to medieval ordeals of innocence, challenging them to prove the protective and thaumaturgic properties of their "God of paste", those involved in the unpleasant incidents in England in October 1623 had no need for semimagical experiments and tests.
Compliments fly when the thaumaturgic quality meet.
Book 5 also featured many episodes of thaumaturgic healing and efficacious prayer, as Ribadeneyra now emphasized aspects of Loyola's inner spiritual life and his reception of divine gifts.