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Contentedly ensconced within Buddhism's thaumaturgical refuge, you find yourself soothed by tradition's self-proclaimed "compassionate" charism.
Initially, the text suggests that when the fairies disappeared, Thaumaturgical began to mine and to distribute fairydust.
In the extraordinarily stressed situation of the thaumaturgical drama and the apodictic affirmation of the healer, an emotional tension is produced which gives some sick people the feeling that they are healed.
One of the effects that this anachrony produces is of a thaumaturgical nature: an emptying out of the chronotopic contents of Palestine in 1902 and their replacement with new contents (in 1923) without narrative development.
The thaumaturgical essay initially appeared in the Contemporary Review in November 1876, (2) and was republished the following year, with no significant changes, as the first and, in at least one scholar's judgment, "[b]y far the most important" (3) piece in Last Essays on Church and Religion.
Only the arrival of the Grail knight, who will ask the three thaumaturgical questions, will destroy the spell and restore the kingdom to fertility.
Jackson Lears's condemnation of late-nineteenth-century "liberal Protestantism" as at once positivist, sentimental, and consumerist, or in Robert Bruce Mullin's tripartite division between therapeutic, sacramental, and thaumaturgical approaches to healing among early-twentieth-century Protestants.
It would be encountered alongside natural curiosities, thaumaturgical wonders, mathematical devices, paintings, musical compositions, alchemical medallions, magical machines and other books".
Heintz lays out his objectives in the opening pages: first, to demonstrate that the passage belongs to the widespread rhetorical genre of Greco-Roman literary polemic or, more precisely, of invective directed against thaumaturgical prophets; and second, to peel away the layers of polemic in an effort to discover authentic details concerning the historical person of Simon.