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The issues that the author investigates are the following: (1) whether military proselytism falls under article 9 of the European Convention on Human Rights (hereafter ECHR); (2) whether the crime of proselytism in Greece is contrary to article 7 and article 14 of the ECHR; (3) whether the church establishment is useful to a state; (4) whether the church establishment generates discrimination on the basis of religion; and (5) whether the British church establishment constitutes a model for other countries that maintain a state or official religion, like Greece (according to the prevailing opinion there).
He added: "We might be told that the church establishment will permit consenting Scots adults to watch Billy Connolly but official theologians would always tell us that to watch him is always a disorder of the soul.
Luther (1961) presents the great reformer as an intense, volatile, earthy man impelled by his own personality to upset the church establishment.

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