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Kerala also hosts the consulates of Russia, Sri Lanka and Maldives.
1- Shortcoming by some of the consulate employees in performing their duties and responsibilities.
However, he got in touch with the consulate officials later when he was asked by his superior officer to arrange an Iranian visit visa for his wife.
It added that teams took necessary steps for the decontamination of the consulate building.
The same source added that armed groups intruded the Moroccan consulate in Tripoli two days before the attack, and that fighters went over the wall and opened the doors of the consulate.
No words of gratitude would be enough for the bravery and skill with which the Afghan Security Forces and the Indian security detail at the Consulate have repulsed the attack.
The attackers wore uniforms similar to those of the consulate guards, according to the police chief, who confirmed one policeman and one consulate guard had been killed and four policemen and one consulate guard and one interpreter injured in the assault.
In response to the distress call, the consulate asked her to send in a mail with the details of the case and said action would be taken only after the weekend holiday.
The consulate meanwhile said that according to Saudi law, crimes of this nature are punished with retribution.
According to consulate authorities the consulate has not been closed and security measures have employed for better security.
The consulate benefits greatly from its staff's international background and experience with other U.
Kurdistan President Barzani had expressed rejoice for opening the Palestinian Consulate, saying that "the step was taken after a visit by Brother Mahmoud Abbas for Kurdistan Region, early this year and an expression for the deepness of relations between the Kurdish and Palestinian peoples, confirming that "the step was important for strengthening relations between both sides and expressing hope for their further development on all levels and hoping that the Consulate would play its rolel in this respect.

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