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The clock struck twelve, and the model with a cry of relief stepped down from the stand.
In areas around the periphery of the cross section, the laser cuts crosshatched squares to facilitate the separation of the model from the discarded material after the model is completed.
By linking industrial release data from the Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) to environmental fate models and estimates of human exposure, health threats within and between cells can be ranked and compared by the model.
There also was an understandable reluctance on the part of regulators to allow the use of these black boxes to determine the appropriate insurance loss costs and subsequent rates, especially if they were not provided specifics on how the model works.
Time-consuming design of supports is decreased and the costly waste of materials used to create supports is reduced, which would have to be cut from the model after solidification.
Model Browser Co The Model Browser provides end-users with the ability to view, but not update, models published on the Internet or local area network.
Although some practical considerations make rodents the model of choice for many labs, several nonrodent models have proven useful in evaluating food allergenicity.
Based on current weather conditions, the model simulates possible storm paths and intensities, providing updates as rapidly as information is processed from the National Hurricane Center.
The model permits real-time process control and off-line process optimization.
ModLyng imports the model code, automatically creating a topological view of the model and interpreting the electrical equations and statements in the body of the model.
With limited data, the model can be used to assess which data must be collected to improve understanding of the relevant processes, as well as to provide sensitivity information for decision making.
The model simulates the balance sheet, income statement and cash-flow statement.