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Isn't it true that when one is broke and creditors are running after him, the temptation to steal or sell illegal drugs can be very strong?
Italian author Lorenzo Marone's main character in The Temptation to Be Happy is the seventy-seven-year-old widower, Cesare, who lives rather aimlessly until he receives a new neighbor he cannot help but investigate.
After the ceremony wrapped up, the houseguests gathered inside the house and speculated on what the temptation is and who has it.
25 ( ANI ): A new study has revealed that people, following weight management programs, find it hard to resist late night cravings or the temptation of alcohol in the presence of friends.
This can be done by avoiding the situations where the temptation will be around me.
The Gospel text includes this same concept as part of the story of the temptation of Jesus.
I believe that without this environment where weapons are easily available, reduces the intensity of the temptation to kill.
Like Jesus, we can only resist the temptation for self-satisfaction by turning to God for help, and it is only by striving for self-forgetfulness that we find ourselves feeling much better.
Simply pour some scent into the reservoir, hit the power button and place the Temptation on a deer trail or hang it from a limb near your stand.
A missing piece of the transtheoretical model applied to exercise: Development and validation of the temptation to not exercise scale.
Father Fanzaga teaches that the temptation of our first parents in the Garden of Eden (Gen 3:1-23) and the temptation of Christ in the desert (Mt 4:1-11) contain everything we need to know about temptation: when it occurs, what it looks like and how it is overcome.
Today, as we recall the temptation of Jesus, told ever so succinctly by Mark, the narrative invites our reflection upon how each of us contends with this struggle in our own lives.