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It can apply the resources and power of the whole to the defense of any particular part, and that more easily and expeditiously than State governments or separate confederacies can possibly do, for want of concert and unity of system.
The closing questions put to the under-housemaid and the nurse revealed for the first time what the nature of the defense was to be.
Here, then, in spite of the negative answers, was the plan of the defense made dimly visible for the first time to the jury and to the audience.
That is what we say, my lord, and what we propose to prove as the foundation of the defense.
If he might use the expression, it would usefully pave the way in the minds of the jury for the defense which he had to submit to them.
You are requested to form a Defense Science Board (DSB) Task Force on Defense Industrial Structure for Transformation to describe the defense industry required to cope with the international security environment in the 21st Century.
Under the assumption that the "1 Press" or the "2 Press" is also used by the defense, the individual players in the "3 Press" are located in defensive "spots" similar to the "1 Press," the "2 Press" or locations with the same kind of defensive.
Yet, it is important to recognize that the insurance company funding the defense is not merely a "cash machine" for defense counsel.
October 2005, the Defense Institute of Security Assistance Management (DISAM) successfully returned to Romania more than nine years after initially introducing United States Security Assistance Programs to the country's Ministry of National Defense in 1996.
We take an initial look at the industry, and highlight how these changes influenced transaction costs in the defense industry, more fully explain the forces driving consolidation, and provide greater insight to policy makers seeking to improve the performance of the defense industry.
The defense has prevailed four times, including the past three, Chicago's victories over Phoenix (1993), Seattle (1996) and Utah (1998).