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New to Electric Forest lodging this year are the Northern Lights Lane tents in the GOOD LIFE Village and upgraded Cabana Tents in the the whimsical wonderland of the Back 40 "Enchanted Campground," EF's most posh camping experience.
The Good Life Therapy Centre is the leading institution committed to helping individuals and couples deal with addiction and trauma through various therapy methods.
They really hit the big time in 1975 when the first series of their self-sufficiency sitcom The Good Life aired.
The Good Life star, 67, and director Michael Rudman, 75 - Kendal's second husband - were together for seven years after originally tying the knot in 1983.
The tagline, "Good Hands for the Good Life," proclaims that the company doesn't just help put things back together when things go wrong, but prepares and protects people so they can live a good life every day.
THE GOOD LIFE LAB: RADICAL EXPERIMENTS IN HANDS-ON LIVING could have appeared in a variety of columns, from 'Home and Garden' to 'Inspirational', but is reviewed here for its wide-ranging and inspirational story of how one couple left high-pressure careers in New York City to move to rural New Mexico where they embarked on a homemade, self-sufficient lifestyle.
The Good life was "a short period 40 years ago but it's extended to now because it's on all the f***ing time and it's what people talk about".
People living in Scotland are being invited to go online to tell the UK's leading retirement property developer, McCarthy & Stone, what the good life means to them, to be in with a chance of winning a dream holiday worth PS3,000.
All About The Good Life (BBC2, 9pm) does exactly as its title suggests by focusing on one them.
They took the goats out for a trip to the local park this week for a spot of free grazing in BBC2's Giles And Sue Live The Good Life.
He sets off in search of the good life but doesn't quite know what that is.