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The commissioners gave the green light to an agreement with Standley Systems to lease and maintain a copier for the Oklahoma State University Extension Office for around $350 every month.
The Green Light to Work scheme is funded Go Smarter, a campaign encouraging people to get to work, training and school in a cheaper, greener and healthier way, as an alternative to the car.
City planners gave the green light to the move after ensuring there will not be gaudy signs above.
Parkin said: "I have started swimming and using the bike but hopefully I will get the green light from the specialist to move forward this week.
The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) on Friday announced that it has given the green light for full scale, nationwide deployment of the satellite based surveillance system called Automatic Dependent Surveillance- Broadcast (ADS-B).
THE ECHO Wheel was given the green light - to celebrate St Patrick's Day.
The board have given the green light to set up a bid company similar to the one that achieved success with the London 2012 Olympics and will now start the hunt for a chairman and chief executive.
The OLSC not only gives the green light when everything is functioning properly, a red light indicates that its time to call for equipment servicing.
The introduction of the green light laser therapy comes after the Institute of Cancer Research claimed many men with low-grade cancer suffered serious lifelong side effects from needless radical treatment, such as a prostatectomy and radiotherapy.
Having blown up the photofinish image to determine that trap five runner Lyros Angel had held 6-4 favourite Winged Valor, it appeared to the judges that trap three Caspers Sophie was a clear third and declared a 5-6-3 result before showing the green light.
The green light is for auto traffic; she needs to look at the pedestrian light (Walk/Don't walk).
The lenses have an amber coating that filters out visible light waves with short wavelengths (distance between wave peaks), such as the green light reflected off the grass.