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HORSE. Until a horse has attained the age of four years, he is called a colt. (q.v.) Russ. & Ry. 416. This word is sometimes used as a generic name for all animals of the horse kind. 3 Brev. 9. Vide Colt; Gender; and Yelv. 67, a.

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It's always best to go directly to the horse's mouth, as the saying goes.
Slip the mouthpiece gently into the horse's mouth (don't use force).
People know what I'm like with refs but it was good to hear a few things from the horse's mouth, although he didn't change my mind about anything I've seen.
It's nice to get it from the horse's mouth, as was the case with Jimmy Braddock who lost his world championship to Joe Louis.
If you want to know anything about any town in Britain, straight from the horse's mouth, then check our knowhere.
At this point, straight from the horse's mouth, I'd like some time off and my first priority is to finish off my tenure as national South Africa coach and then from next year see what opportunities come.
A Newcastle insider said: "The players had it from the horse's mouth that there would be a golf swing if he scored.
Greg Sargent is founder of the political blog The Horse's Mouth and a contributing editor at New York magazine.
Noddy assures me this tail is straight from the horse's mouth but personally I fancy it's from the other end .
I felt becoming a governor was a real opportunity to find out from the horse's mouth what was happening at the school and how it is performing.
In a survey of 100 suppliers they'd have heard evidence from the horse's mouth that they simply won't get from this inquiry.
While he may take a while to test-drive samples, with the level of contacts and experience Tanoc is developing these days, foreign firms wanting to get into Japan will be dealing direct with the horse's mouth, not the other end, in getting feedback about whether their products will make it in Japan.