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Typically, the unicentric variety is of the hyaline vascular type and is amenable to surgical treatment.
This is shown by three-month interval to show the progression of development of the hyaline zones.
In some experiments, the eggs were preincubated briefly (5-10 min immediately after fertilization) with 1 M glycine to remove the hyaline layer so as to permit permeation of highly charged quaternary ammonium compounds such as HC-3 (Kane 1973).
Szerb 1, Hangody L, Karpati Z: In vivo examination of the biomechanical characteristics of the hyaline articular cartilage [in Hungarian].
The seasonalized yon Bertalanffy growth model reveals the reduction of somatic growth and the formation of the hyaline zone during the winter months.
Analysis of the excised specimen detected epidermal ulceration with foci of necrosis in the hyaline cartilage, focal granulation tissue, and epidermal hyperplasia and hyperkeratosis; these findings were consistent with chondrodermatitis nodularis chronica helicis.