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The accommodations at the B&B are pretty basic; if you desire the lap of luxury, head to the Kohala Coast.
Today people, and dogs, travel in the lap of luxury - yet there were only 5,000 at this year's Derby final.
They would clean the kitchen, prune the bushes and wash the laundry, all without complaint, while we humans would relax in the lap of luxury.
Five years later, Samuel has enjoyed the good life and sitting in the lap of luxury, but strange visions gnaw away at him.
Five more have won a day for two in the lap of luxury at a top health spa, and 20 more get vouchers for other activities.
whose preface is addressed to "my fellow Americans," tells us that he has "thought long and hard," "lived in the lap of luxury," and "looked death in the face.
Wynn Resorts offers high rollers the lap of luxury at the Wynn Las Vegas, which offers 2,700 hotel rooms, 20 restaurants, and an 18-hole golf course.
With his rich wife and his PS140,000-a-year Cabinet salary plus monster expenses, he lives in the lap of luxury.
LIFE'S great for Scots music man Calvin Harris - surrounded by adoring and scantily clad women in the lap of luxury.
Brilliant; that'll be another very expensive mouth for the UK taxpayer to feed, clothe and keep in the lap of luxury.
The Press, pundits, pressure groups and some politicians are queuing up to claim that we are living in the lap of luxury (really?
Those fortunate enough to be on the guest list for such a package can expect to watch the Test match in the lap of luxury.