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The last thing you want is Liverpool coming to town after they've just clicked under Jurgen Klopp (right), dishing out an absolute thrashing to Southampton in midweek.
he He added: "He couldn't remember what had happened so I asked what the last thing he remembered which was just somebody shaking him.
The last thing he needs is people always talking about having a bad time.
To have the Speaker of the House of Commons' wife taking a pop at the Establishment by appearing in a tawdry reality TV programme such as Big Brother is the last thing this country needs at present.
The last thing I want is to be considered a WAG and trailing him all over the place.
While we want everyone to enjoy Easter and make the most of their Bank Holiday, the last thing we want is for that holiday to be ruined by a trip to hospital which could have been easily avoided," said Mr Gore.
I only use my credits cards for ordering online, so probably the last thing I bought was a Murder She Wrote DVD.
The last thing Kwame Brown said when we were wrapping up our interview Friday was: ``I can't wait for training camp.
is the last thing they do before moving from middle to high school," says Capponi.
For Sanlo, UCLA's graduation "ensures that the last thing LGBT students do on campus is positive, loving, and respectful.
That is the last thing the Crown are asking you to do.
and then unfortunately all your good work may go down the tubes because the last thing they remember is that you didn't follow up on the things you needed to.