the people

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Let's keep pushing to reform the way we do things but recognize that we can't expect those reforms to mean anything at all until we also address the people who must enact the reforms and implement the processes.
At the same time, the principle of representation is based on the belief that the political official has to represent his electors, that he is not imposed on them by some external authority or power, but his authority originates in their will, the will of the people.
One third of the people with MS who took it developed Graves' disease, an autoimmune disorder of the thyroid.
If we looked different, it would have been easier for us to win back the people we lost through assimilation.
Even more importantly, there's no chance of arriving at the kind of synergies that can only emerge from the experience and brainstorms of the people doing the work.
But to Warren, a 28-year-old who worked for Marriott after graduating from Hampton University, it's an opportunity to improve the lives of the people around him.
Reason: Is it possible that some of the people who are now diagnosed as schizophrenics do in fact have some kind of neurological defect?
The people who create their own inner, private sacred space are often doing so in response to a perceived institutional abuse of piety, where people faked religious affection by hollow observances.
But I have always felt accepted by the people I have met on this campus.
We get good candidates because the people bringing them to us already know the individual and the organization"
Those mornings I could never wait to cross the street to my cushy, climate-controlled 8:30 class--away from the people at the corner and their sad eyes, their foul smells, and my own frustrated conscience.
The new Proclamation would be presented to the people of Canada in a special assembly.