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Although the study could have been conducted in a distributed manner over the Internet, participants completed the sort in a controlled lab to allow for the verbal communication of instructions and for a controlled setting where participants completed the study in a single session, they were not able to browse other web pages, and screen size and resolution remained constant.
8 percent depending on the experiments, and the results suggested that shrinkage is not considerably affected by the sort initial MC.
To sort a data set into a sequence specified by the custom list, you need to use the Sort dialog instead of the AZ or ZA buttons.
Historical ethnography of a very high order, the book stands as a monument to the sort of meticulous and ultimately rather conservative scholarship characteristic of the "new philology," as this and other works of the same genre have been dubbed collectively, which as yet embraces almost exclusively Mesoamerica, including Mexico and adjacent areas of Maya speech.
After the sort was completed, Sara was asked to read the sorted words.
WERE IT NOT FOR the sleeper success of their previous album, A Chance to Cut Is a Chance to Cure (2001), Matmos would no doubt have remained stuck in the sort of respectable semi-obscurity that swallows most contemporary electronic outfits or, for that matter, "electroacoustic" ones, to grant the duo a somewhat more appropriate historical pedigree.
Click on the Sort left to right box, and you're in business.
Toure's postBlack Arts poetry, including the work collected in the American Book Awardwinning From the Pyramids to the Projects (1989), merged this mythic African/African American landscape with the sort of concern for history and historical detail that he had always shown in his essays.
Only Jesus condemns him because he lacks the sort of honesty which goes beyond frankness and sincerity.
He regards moralizing as a kind of mandating, speaks of "the effect of coercion in the politics of shame," and refers to the "deep coerciveness" of the sort of thinking that privileges marriage.
Mill sorters generally perform the sort visually, and by smell.
Since centralized sort yards may include a fixed cost for both establishment and operation, it may be necessary to evaluate a full season or longer of activity at the sort yard to capture the relevant costs and benefits.